Gone But Not Forgotten;
let their names live on forever!

Put a scholarship in the name of your loved ones today

Dear Potential Sponsor,
My name is Saint Patrick Thorpe, CEO of the IMG Foundation.

We come bearing exciting news! IMG non-profit org. is sympathetic to those that have lost loved ones due to this pandemic. It’s with this sentiment that we have develop the IMG GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

The IMG Memorial Scholarship was established in 2021 by the IMG non-profit organization to honor those we have lost.

IMG non-profit organization is a private Foundation dedicated to being the hands and feet of the Creator by not just talking about the issues of the world but doing something about it.

Since the start of the pandemic, the IMG Foundation has partnered with several
organizations to provide food for over 2.4 million families within the boroughs of New
York City and Long Island.

IMG Memorial Scholarship


  • For only $350.00, IMG will create and award a scholarship in the name of your loved one that has passed on to a student in the Caribbean seeking higher education.
  • For an addition $100.00 you can select the field of study for the student you would like to receive the scholarship.
  • Let us tell the story of your loved one by writing an article in the IMG MAGAZINE with their picture.


  • All donations are tax deductible
  • Participant will be anyone interested in preserving the name of their loved one, their business, their churches.
  • Deadline for donations: June 30, of each year
  • Scholarship will be awarded in August of each year
  • Please pass this information on to anyone interested.
  • We thank God for using IMG in this manner to accomplish all that we were able to